The City of Swan Art Award for My Painting

I have received an art award from the City of Swan for one of my new works, currently on
show at the Ellenbrook Art Gallery.

This piece is part of my series “Scripted”, comprised of sub series (e.g. “Punctuated”,
“Overwritten”) with lino prints, drawings and paintings. My work is – by chance – right
next to my artist friend Marie Haass’ drawing.

Guundie Kuchling, “b is for bibliophilic”,
Oil on Canvas, 101 x 101 cm

Framing Lino Prints

framing lino prints

Framing lino prints – needs accuracy,
cleanliness and order.

New Background

I continue with my series “Scripted”.
After the last number painting
“2 is not three” I will start with the
number five. This is the new
background – 102 x 102 cm.


new background

Painting Progress

slow progress

I am painting for my next solo exhibition
with oil paintings and lino prints. My theme
is Scripted. It’s all about handwriting. I am
using a restricted palette and the progress is
very slow …